Hello. I'm Aditi, a UX Designer.

I integrate my education and experience

in Computer Science with my passion

and practice for Visual Arts and Compassionate Empathy to create Human Centered Solutions.



Indian Railways
Ticket Booking From Overseas

Designed an experience of booking Indian Railway tickets, specially catered for the foreign visitors and tourists from the overseas.

e-commerce Website Design

Designed a clothing website and an online shopping experience for people who look for a great variety in clothing, affordable prices, great promotions and a clean, structured browsing and filtering experience.

The Garden Mum

Designed an experience which helps in diagnosing health problems with the plants, provide solutions, identify the plants as well as come up with a complete planting guide and care tasks for each and every plant you wish you plant!

Smule Karaoke: Music Sharing Experience Re-Design

Re-designed the experience of finding a song on Smule to collaborate on. The new experience increases the chances of finding the perfect singing partner, hence making it a lot more enjoyable and satisfying. The new design also focuses on a cleaner and more intuitive interface.



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Aditi is a UX Designer with a decade of solid experience in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Design. She wants to design in order to create an impact and to obtain inner fulfillment.

With a strong technical / engineering background, she is trained to solve complex problems to reach meaningful solutions. She is able to leverage the same skills through each stage of the design thinking process.

As a person who thrives on compassionate empathy, Human Centered Design comes naturally and easily to her. 

As a self taught mixed media artist and a creative person, she enjoys the visual aspects of design. Her journey as an artist can be viewed
here. She uses her art to promote social causes, the dark truths and the other emotions that a human perceives.

Her latest achievement is that she is debuting as a children's picture book author early next year. She is also co-illustrating her book. Check out her book

She strongly believes that a person needs to be outstanding as a human with strong work ethics more than anything. The daily work skills can be picked up with this right attitude.


Her quest for finding a career that will keep her motivated, wanting her to learn more and most importantly make her feel content, happy and useful towards the society, she believes, has finally ended.

For any design opportunities, collaborations or for just saying hello, drop her a line at  aditi.oza@gmail.com

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