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I integrate my education and a decade of experience in Computer Science with my passion and practice for Compassionate Empathy and Visual Arts to design Human Centered Solutions. 




Hi! I'm Aditi. I'm a UX Designer with a decade of solid experience in Computer Science and Software Engineering. I want to design in order to create an impact, give back to the community and to obtain inner fulfillment.

I thrive on my practice of compassionate empathy and visual arts. My characteristics of being a humanitarian,  an engineer and an artist helps me become a better designer.  My journey as an artist can be viewed here.

I strongly believe that a person needs to be outstanding as a human with strong work ethics more than anything. The daily work skills can be picked up with this right attitude.


My quest for finding a career that will keep me motivated, wanting me to learn more and most importantly make me feel content, happy and useful towards the society, I believe, has finally ended.​

For any design opportunities, collaborations or for just saying hello, drop me a line at

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